TGBian batch 34


Okey, this title; new school.

memeylah, new school must have new Me.
Like i said to my genxix that only them know my true colour.
Sorry to say cuz this is me.
this is the true me...
only them for some particular reasons.

  1. we survived three years together
  2. we  survived those hurt feelings together
  3. we survived that stupid exams together
  4. we survived all mocks that we got from those teachers and students
  5. we enjoyed our happiness together
  6. we enjoyed our friendship together
  7. we created memories together
  8. our friendship goals no matter how far we are
it's totally sad to have a distance with the genxix, cuz we created our own pain and happy memories together.

but now, i can't be with them cuz i'd move out to a new school that called MRSM TGB. Class 415 of 2015. I am a member of Topaz 2 and aiming to get the best result with batch 34 along we're in TGB. I'm gonna strive 4 flat for all exams in MRSM especially SPM, aiming to be the member of Phi Kappa Phi.

Hoping that i can survive in this school as well as i will compete with 450 students of Form 4 2015 and 2016.

Maybe, this April genxix will hold a field trip to Langkawi Island, as we never had a field trip together before.

This is gonna be exciting as we also invite those students that moved out to another school before especially SMKA KL.

Okay, i'm gonna strive this goal no matter what like my new school motto's;

"We strive for infinite excellence"

  1. aiming to get 4-flat in my UPSS exams and SPM
  2. aiming to be one of the BKP if i truely deserve it
  3. aiming to be one of the Phi Kappa Phi
  4. aiming to be true muslimah someday
  5. hoping for friendship goals in TGB
  6. hoping that i could adapt the new environment here
  7. hoping to be a true TGBian
  8. that's all and my prays aways be with you
sir sam's house

adopt bro, sorry curi dari Ammar Nasri



this is us!

moga berkekalan ukhuwah yang terjalin

gonna miss them!

i am the black one, kusissan 1215

i'm kusissian's lion

bye awak~~

before kita tempuh PT3 together!
and one more thing, i forgot to tell you that from 142 genxix, kusiss only left 98 of them, not including the new one.
ketua kelas a.k.a. budak SASER, good luck budak ^^

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